An Introduction

This is a wee intro this blog. Why I’m creating it and what it will contain.

First I will explain the title. “The Usual Fight” is life, everyone has their everyday fights of life. I’ve had a bit of a rough time of it but I’m fighting to get my life on track.

Next a bit about me; I’m a wee Irish girl, 19, I’ve a dog that means the world to me, a pretty big family of which I’m the baby, a church family that I adore, a church I spend a lot of my time attending and I’m a Christian with maybe a few different beliefs that you might expect. I study science in college and hope to be a scientist at some stage!

On this blog I will write; every thing!! Most of it will be to keep track of my life, encourage others, share my struggles and share my loves 🙂

My loves are; fashion, art, music, the gym, health, comic books, netflix, science, of course God and so much more.

This blog will mostly be for me and my thoughts but I also hope to encourage and help open people’s hearts etc (cheesy I know)